Wireless Testing Solutions

Emergency evacuation and exit lighting must be tested bi-annually to comply with the Building Code of Australia. This involves isolating the supply to the emergency lights for 90 minutes to ensure they operate with the inbuilt battery.

In some instances, this requires the general lighting to be turned off to perform the test. Of course, customers don’t like this as it interrupts their normal business operations.

At TN Electrical, we have a solution for you…

With the installation of our Wireless Testing Solution (WTS), the emergency lights can be isolated without affecting the general lighting. The system is operated by a simple handheld FOB which communicates with strategically installed and controlled modules.

The installation is very simple, quickly installed and requires no additional wiring to be carried out. This makes it inexpensive to install, and best of all, customers are delighted as there is no disruption to their business activities while testing is carried out to the emergency lights.

View our 1-minute video presentation demonstrating how easy the system is to set up and operate: