Smart Home Automation

A smart home system is a great way to enhance your lifestyle, create a more comfortable and convenient home, save energy and increase your family’s safety and security in your home.

TN Electrical has partnered with innovative lighting technology company, SAL, to bring you an affordable range of smart home controls and lighting products.

We can design, install and implement a personalised home automation systems to suit your needs.

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A smart home system

  • Is Cost Effective
  • Enhances your Lifestyle
  • Saves Energy
  • Adds Sophistication
  • Creates a Safer Home

What is smart home automation?

A home automation system can control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances in your home, and can even be connected or controlled via the Internet.

Smart home systems provide these lifestyle enhancing benefits by automating control of many electric and electronic devices in your home

  • automatically based on time and/or environmental inputs, or
  • from your interaction with the smart home system via a button, an app, a remote, or
  • from your voice via Amazon Echo, Google Home and other voice assistants.

Smart home automation can control a vast range of everyday devices such as indoor and outdoor lighting, table and floor lamps, extractor fans, pool pumps, garage doors and windows shading and blinds.

Further control and integration can be achieved with smart homes for audio visual systems, home cinemas, intercoms, HVAC or air-conditioning systems, irrigations systems and security systems.

All of this technology can be integrated into your home to enhance your lifestyle and make your home a smart home.

You can even start small, say in just one room, then add to it later. These starter systems can be expanded easily in the future when you’re ready to do more without rewiring your home. 

3 Steps to Choose the Best Smart Home System

There are now so many choices, different technologies and competing opinions, homeowners are confused and are apprehensive in case they choose the wrong solution.

First, decide what you are going to automate as part of your smart home. Here is a list of most commonly automated devices in Australian smart homes and which provide the best bang for smart home buck.

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting control
  • Table lamps and floor lamp control
  • Electric Blinds control
  • Extractor fans and ceiling fans
  • Pool pumps
  • Garage doors

Next, decide on your budget. Be sure you get what you pay for by understanding what’s included in your smart home price.

These costs can include the smart home devices which are approved for installation in Australia;  the labour to install this correctly to your local codes, by a licensed electrician, like TN Electrical; and the labour to configure and commission these systems to operate the way homeowners desire.

And finally, select a smart home system that provides the most choices for your budget, now and in the future. These choices refer to a range of elements which are all linked to your budget, the functionality you desire and the final outcome you want to achieve.

Based on information kindly provided by Simon Richardson, Technology Market Solutions Manager SAL National Pty Ltd.