BMA House

BMA house was originally constructed in the 1930’s and is a beautiful 12 storey heritage listed building.

The works required replacement of the entire electrical distribution system from the incoming supply thru to 60 x tenancy sub boards, whilst being fully occupied by medical and legal practitioners.

Complexities were vast including retaining the heritage features of the building, ensuring power outages where kept to a minimum, extremely limited storage on site, noise / dust minimisation, confined working areas, limited access, after hours work to name a few.

This job was completed early to the delight of the client.

Milsons Point

This fully automated electrical installation provides the client with cutting edge technology to complement the outstanding architectural finishes of this exclusive residence located in Milsons Point. The views of the Sydney Harbour are stunning and so is this apartment. The Vantage Automation allows the clients to control there lighting, blinds, power, floor heating, towel rails and special events such as Christmas lighting with a touch of a button on the video display panels or mobile devices such as phones, ipads, tablets and laptops. Scenes within the system automatically adjust all features connected to optimise the benefits of this automation package.


“The Rockfort” being a 1928 constructed heritage listed residential apartment building consisting of 21 individual units that where fully occupied presented a massive challenge for our team to perform an entire rewire of the electrical installation. From the installation of new service mains, main switch board, metering, unit sub boards, and re wiring of all final sub circuits, we have totally upgraded this building to meet all current code requirements. Being as the project was performed “Design and Construct in house” we have been able to “Value Add” by incorporating in our design elements such as the installation of Gate Metering, Solar and Battery Array Systems that will provide energy cost savings into the future. This show cases our ability to create innovative solutions to upgrade an original installation to today’s standards whilst preserving the buildings heritage architecture.