Green Energy Tips

You can do your power bills and the environment a favour by making a few simple changes to your daily life at home and work.

Below are some other practical actions you can take to make a difference, and save money in the process*.

Tips for saving energy at home

  • Install low-energy lighting – such as LED or compact Fluorescent lights – where possible, energy saving alternatives are also available for energy hungry halogen down-lights
  • Switch off lighting in unoccupied rooms
  • Switch off appliances which are not in use at the wall, to save standby power
  • Only use heating when and where needed – close off doors to unoccupied rooms where possible
  • Dress for the weather and set your heating thermostat to 18° to 20°C – every 1 degree less will save about 10 per cent on your heating bill
  • Weather-seal external doors using draught stoppers or ‘door snakes’ at the bottom and weather stripping around the frame, and seal up any gaps and cracks in external walls, floors and the ceiling to keep heat inside during winter
  • Make sure your ceiling is adequately insulated and use thick drapes with a boxed pelmet to reduce heat loss in winter
  • Use shutters and/or install awnings to cut out the summer sun on the Northern and Western side of your building
  • Wash your clothes in cold water where possible, and dry on a line or rack
  • Compare star ratings on appliances – the more stars, the lower the running costs
  • When replacing your gas hot water system, consider installing a solar hot water system. Government rebates are available for eligible households
  • When installing a ducted heater, look for a high efficiency zoned system which can limit its heating to certain areas
  • Choose an accredited EcoSmart Electrician or Green Plumber, such as TN Electrical, for electrical and gas work
  • Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full before running

Tips for saving energy at work

  • Make a plan that’s achievable and encourage colleagues to consider their energy use
  • Put your computer in power-saving mode to use 50 per cent less energy
  • Switch to laptops instead of desktop computers and use up to 85 per cent less energy
  • Replace your old lights with more energy-efficient models
  • Hold a phone or web conference instead of driving or flying to attend meetings
  • Invest in reusable coffee cups for your team, and customise with corporate colours and branding to promote your green credentials
  • Consider the environmental credentials of suppliers and ask that they take back their packaging or recycle.

*Information courtesy of GreenPower